Doggy ‘Mashwich’

Hi everyone, Biscuit here! 🐶😋 “Mashwich?! This dog is bonkers!” I imagine this is what most of you are thinking haha! Well you know what, as mad as it sounds, these mashwiches taste EPIC! I was feeling super creative this week and wanted to try something completely different and original. So I present to you…… Continue reading Doggy ‘Mashwich’

Peanut butter & carrot Pupcakes

This week, my friend, Duna the Boxer turned four! To celebrate, I decided to make Duna some yummy peanut butter & carrot pupcakes for her. She told me that she also enjoys a good carrot for a snack too, so I made sure that carrots were well included in these pupcakes! We held a small… Continue reading Peanut butter & carrot Pupcakes

Peanut butter, banana & carob cookies

Carob… hmm… anybody else get as excited as me thinking this was a misspelling of carrot? I was SO disappointed that it isn’t and I didn’t get to taste test carrots. I was going to make sure my friends got high quality carrots in this recipe. Too small? I’ll just have to eat it. Too… Continue reading Peanut butter, banana & carob cookies