Carrot & Oat Pretzel Treats

Hi everyone, Biscuit here! 🐶😋 Lately my sister and I have been obsessing over ‘Picos de pan’. These are small breadsticks that hoomans use to dip in things like hummus. Our dad loves to snack on these when he gets home from work,  so when he gets the bag out we head straight to the… Continue reading Carrot & Oat Pretzel Treats

Doggy ‘Mashwich’

Hi everyone, Biscuit here! 🐶😋 “Mashwich?! This dog is bonkers!” I imagine this is what most of you are thinking haha! Well you know what, as mad as it sounds, these mashwiches taste EPIC! I was feeling super creative this week and wanted to try something completely different and original. So I present to you…… Continue reading Doggy ‘Mashwich’

Frozen Yogurt & Berry Bites

Hi everyone, Biscuit here! 🐶😁 Summer has officially arrived and with an almighty heatwave where I live. This means it’s time for a good splash about in my paddling pool, a good munch on a frozen carrot, and the perfect excuse to just sleep all day. I can struggle with the heat depending on how… Continue reading Frozen Yogurt & Berry Bites

Doggy Fresh Breath Biscuits

Lockdown is slowly easing where I live and the dog park is finally open again!  I am so excited to play with all my friends and see their hoomans too! This means plenty of slobbery kisses and cuddles to give. Although, I’m not sure if the hoomans will be too happy about the kisses part.… Continue reading Doggy Fresh Breath Biscuits

Turkey, broccoli & pea rice balls

My mum says I get distracted A LOT on my walks. Well, who can blame me? There’s just so much to see and people to greet. I want to make friends with everyone including cats!   I’ve been taking training classes recently to help me not be so distracted. So far, I’ve been the goodest… Continue reading Turkey, broccoli & pea rice balls